BiographiesJordan Dominique Odom - SPM's Son Bio, Age, Height, Family, News

Jordan Dominique Odom – SPM’s Son Bio, Age, Height, Family, News


In the television industry, people have extra-marital affairs that affects multiple lives and their career. There is one such case of Jordan Dominque Odom, who is the celebrity kid of SPM and Pasadena native Jill Oden.

Jordan has been in the curiosity of his father’s fans. Through this post, you will be introduced to how his life changed due to the immaturity of his parents, especially his father’s mistake of assaulting a 14 years old kid.

Here is the complete story of Jordan, you can join us in his story and learn about his life changes.

Who is Jordan Dominique Odom?

Jordan Dominique Odom is the Pasadena son of rapper SPM and Jill Oden. He was born when his mother was just a teenager but, later Jill Oden sued rapper SPM in 2001. The lawsuit prompted SPM to take a paternity test and proclaim Jordan Dominique his son.

Dominique’s mother was 14 when she had him, and she said SPM, then 20, thought she was in seventh grade. The jury later used the incident against SPM in another girl’s molestation case.

Who is Jordan Dominique Odom
Who is Jordan Dominique Odom

Profile Summary:

Real NameJordan Dominique Odom
Date of BirthJuly, 2001
Place of BirthPasadena, California
Father NameCarlos Coy (SPM)
Mother NameJill Oden
ProfileHip-Hop artist
About Jordan Dominique Odom

Jordan Dominique Odom’s Impact on Industry

Dominique’s moment has had a major impact on the relevant industry to which he is associated.

  • New and Innovative Projects: He has always pulled new projects which have garnered widespread acclaim and new industry approaches.
  • Mentor to the Next Generation: He has always been active in doing mentoring initiatives, which in turn inspire many individuals. 

Jordan Dominique’s Parents

Jordan was born to Jill when she was 14 years old. His father fell into an extra marital affair with Oden. Oden was a 14 years old girl who used to go to school when she fell into love and relationship. She became a mother in such a short age. Later, she came to realize that she had been cheated by SPM.

Jordan’s mother was Jill Oden who was born in a middle class family and a school student.The jury used this evidence to find SPM guilty of sexual assault on a different woman.

Who is SPM?

SPM is Jordan Dominique’s father, and his SPM stands for South Park Mexican was born in Houston, Texas, on October 5, 1970. His stage name comes from South Park in Houston, where he grew up. He is Mexican. Coy’s parents split three years after his birth. At Woodson Middle School, he failed. He started selling perfume door-to-door then switched to cocaine.

Gospel rapper Coy began his career in 1994. Southwest Wholesale helped him sell his first album, Hillwood, in Houston as SPM in 1995. Coy published Hustle Town in March and Power Moves: The Table in December 1998. High So High was the hit single from his 1999 fourth album.

Coy joined Universal Music Group’s Dope House Records in 2000. Labels issued more back-to-back albums from him.

Jordan Dominique’s Mother

Jill Odom is mother of Jordan Dominique, at the time of Dominique’s birth Jill Odom was just 14 years old. She got pregnant with SPM, the famous American rapper who was 20 years old at that time and was also aware that Jill odom was in seventh grade while he impregnated him. Jill Odom took this matter to court and evidence eventually led to SPM being guilty of female molestation and was charged fine for the same. 

Where is Carlos Coy Now?

Carlos Coy was assaulted in prison due to sexual assault of a child. Currently, he is serving his sentence in the Ramsey Unit which is located in Rosharon, Texas, United States. He was sent to jail for 45 years due to his assaulting act. As of now, we can expect that Carlos will come out of jail on April 08, 2047.

Child Molestation & Sexualt Assault Case on SPM

Carlos Coy was arrested by Houston Police over the case of assaulting a nine-year-old girl in September 2001,but then he got released. More assault cases came up after Dominique’s mother applied for child support. The Lawsuit over Coy began on 8 May 2002, when a nine-year-old confirmed that he touched her while she was sleeping. Later on Coy was convicted over sexual assault with 45 years in prison and $10,000 fine. 

Charges on Carlos Coy of Sexual Assault Case

Since he legally acknowledged Jordan Odom to be his son, he has been paying Jill Odom $28,000 in child support. Since Jill Oden had sole custody of their son, he was also obligated to pay $900 in child support to her every month, in addition to $2,000 for Odon’s birth and parenting expenditures, $1,500 for his education fund, and $2,000 for Odon.

Reasons for Dominique Being Relevant Today

Staying popular among the audience takes up a whole lot of effort especially in this fast paced world which is highly influenced by daily changing trends. Even Dominique is serving as an inspiration for most of the youth who are dreaming to begin their career in music. 


Jordan Dominique persevered and pursued perfection throughout his life. Worldwide, Odom has left an impression. From his early years and parental supervision through his sports and other triumphs. His story inspires ambitious athletes and anyone who wants to change the world. He’s eager to contribute more as he builds his future. Jordan Dominique Instagram showcases his unwavering perseverance, unmatched tenacity, and relentless pursuit of perfection which have been the defining traits of his remarkable journey. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Jordan Dominique Odom:

Who is Jordan Dominique?

Jordan Odom is a celebrity kid of SPM, who is an American rapper and globally famous personality.

Where does Jordan Odom live now?

There is no information about his current existence such as his age, his career, net worth and relationship.

When was Jordan Dominique born?

He was born to Jill Odom who is just a 14 years old girl, who got pregnant with SPM.

What’s Jordan Dominique Odom’s Instagram Handle.

There are no official details present about Dominique’s instagram handle but there are high chances that he doesn’t own any Instagram account.

What’s Jordan Dominique Odom’s Age?

Born on July 2001, Dominique has turned 22 following the year 2023.

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