BiographiesCallie Haverda: Age, Height, Parents, Movies and TV shows

Callie Haverda: Age, Height, Parents, Movies and TV shows

Most of us must have heard of the movie The Adventures of Pepper and Paula as Sierra. But hardly some of us know about the lead actress of the movie. So today in this blog we are going to talk about Callie Haverda, the most adored and admired model and actress, a complete package of entertainment. So to know more about her read below. 

Who is Callie Haverda?

Callie Haverda, an american actress has received a lot of attention for her part in the latest NetFlix series ‘that 90s Show’. Audiences from the US and Canada have been looking for personal information on Callie. Her life excitedly unfolds the premiere of this highly anticipated series. They are curious about CallieHaverda’s parents in particular because they would like to know more about her actual family history.

Calie Haverda’s Biography

Calie Haverda was born on  Feb 22, 2007 in Austin, Texas. She started her career at a very early age and first appeared in the film The Adventure of Pepper and Paula in 2015. In this movie which is based on a true life adventure, Haverda was seen alongside Mindy Raymond and Alexandria DeBerry. Recently in 2022 Callie played an important role of Abby MOran in the Netflix’s Film The Lost Husband. 


Full NameCallie Hope Haverda
NicknameCallie Haverda
Age as of 2023 16 years
Birth Place Austin, Texas
Profession Actress
Marital StatusUnmarried
Relationship Status Single
Zodiac SignPisces
Net Worth$60,000

Callie Haverda Age

The well-known actress graced the earth with her presence on thursday, February 22, of 2007, in Austin, Texas, United States of America. And as of 2023 she is 16 years old and has a strong career in acting at this very young age.

Callie’s Physical Appearance

Fans are fascinated about CallieHaverda’s physical characteristics in addition to her acting abilities. Callie is 1.65 meters tall, or 5 feet, 5 inches tall, according to the measurement system. By her ethnicity she is American and has blonde hair, but these information are not surely reliable. With the help of this information, her physical appearance may be better understood. 

Callie Haverda parents 

She is the real-life daughter of Tony and Denise Haverda, who in “That ’90s Show” portray her on-screen parents Donna and Eric. This information gives viewers a look into the differences between Callie’s parents in real life and on screen. Callie has a sister who is similar to her is a famous actress named Haley Haverda and along with sister she also has a brother named Carson Haverda. 

Callie’s Haverda Early Life

Let’s now examine CallieHaverda’s past in more detail. She is an American actress who is 15 years old and just gained notoriety for her performance in the Netflix series “That ’90s Show.” Callie plays Leia Forman, the adolescent daughter of Donna Pinciotti (played by Laura Prepon) and Eric Forman, in this comedic series (played by Topher Grace). 

Callie Hope Haverda Professional Career

According to various sources Callie has started her acting career as early as of the age 6. And since then she has not looked back and has been growing in her career and not only does she act but also takes various commercial projects. And to mention some of her most famous commercials are Hyundai. KFC, Chrysler Town & Country and many more. 

Callie’s Haverda Relationship

One inquiry that frequently comes up as fans want to discover more about Callie is whether or not she is dating anyone. Callie routinely posts photos of her pals on social media, but she has never talked about her personal connections or boyfriends. It’s vital to remember that Haverda is not wed and has no kids. Fans may only guess about her relationship status as she may be single or just like to keep her private life private. 

Callie Haverda Movies and TV shows

It’s obvious that CallieHaverda’s supporters are thrilled about her upcoming appearance on “That ’90s Show.” Many people are eager to watch their beloved actress hit the screen once more because of how well she performs. The fervor displayed on various social media platforms as fans anxiously anticipate the arrival of Callie new Netflix series demonstrates the excitement around its premiere. 

In 2017, Haverda was seen in an episode of The Eleven Little Roosters followed by Shut Eye as Lala Marks. In 2020, she played an important role of Abby Moran in Netflix’s film The Lost Husband. Haverda was cast to portray Leia Forman in series That ’90s Show opposite to Kurtwood Smith.

Name of The Movies & ShowsYear of Release
Pepper Memories2010
The Adventures of Pepper and Paula2015
Stage V2016
The Eleven Little Roosters2017
Shut Eye2016
See Plum Run2018
The Lost Husband2020
That ‘90 Show2023
Callie Haverda Movies and TV shows

Calie Haverda Social Media

It is important to note that Callie is a frequent Instagram user for those who are interested in following her journey. Callie uses this well-liked social networking site to offer updates and snippets of her life with her over 78.8k followers. By following Instagram account of her, fans may learn more about her recent activities and remain updated with her online presencE on her account. 

If you want to know more about her past history, you can visit Calie haverda’s wikipedia page and find out much more information about her. It will include every information about her such as date of birth, age, profession and what not!

Twitter Callie Haverda
InstagramCallie Haverda
WikipediaCallie Haverda

Net Worth of Callie

We all know that Callie has earned huge fame at a very young age and thus she has good income from her professional acting career. Not only does her income  consist of acting but also from modeling and commercial ads. Adding up her income altogether her net worth calculates around $800k. 

Some Facts About Callie Hope Haverda

  • Callie’s birthplace and upbringing  is Austin, Texas, United States of America.
  • According to various sources, Callie is currently residing in mesmerizing city of Burbank in California.
  • Haverda received her popularity through her  social media handles. And she has immense followers on Instagram and Twitter. 
  • She is also represented by Paradigm Talent, Schuller Talent, and LA Talent Agency.


In conclusion, Callie’s fame has increased as a result of her appearance on a popular 90s show. Audiences eagerly find out more about her past and present life as they await the premiere of the series.

Fans may keep up with Callie Haverda’s latest activities and learn more about her life and profession through her Instagram feeds and Wikipedia page.

Fans are urged to see the premiere of ‘That 90s Show’ on 19 January, 2023. It is advisable to watch the official trailer of this popular show to get a taste of what to expect before watching the series.

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Calie Haverda – FAQ Section:

In “That ’90s Show,” who played the role of Callie’s father?

Leading Grace.

Are Callie’s parents Tony and Denise Haverda in reality?

They are, indeed.

Is Callie still dating right now?

Callie is indeed single right now.

Are there any siblings for Callie?

Yeah, Callie has a sister and two brothers.

What are Callie’s siblings’ names?

Haley, Carson, and Corey are Callie’s siblings.

What country is Callie from?

American national CallieHaverda.

What television shows and films is Callie known for?

The Lost Husband (2020), “Shut Eye,” and “That ’90s Show” are a few of the films that Callie has appeared in (2016).

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