BusinessScentsy Workstation: A Comprehensive Guide For Business Growth

Scentsy Workstation: A Comprehensive Guide For Business Growth

This post will walk you through using Scentsy Workstation Dashboard to effectively run your business. You may access a multitude of features as soon as you approve your account. Your dashboard will look like this as you log into your Workstation Scentsy account. You may expand your business internationally very rapidly by using these strategies.

I’ll walk you through the process of changing your password, logging in, and all the other pertinent information for your Scentsy business in this post.

Scentsy Workstation: An Overview

Scentsy Workstation is among the most crucial business instruments at your disposal as a consultant. It has all the necessary components to launch your firm, such as policies, procedures, and training.

In addition to many other things, you may order, organize parties, monitor sales and orders, receive news and information, and much more from there.

How To Register Into Scentsy

Follow the given below step inorder to register into the scentsy :-

  • Go to, the Scentsy website.
  • Visit the link or click the Join link located in the upper right corner.
  • Select your consultant sponsor from the options on the next page. They will assist you in launching your business and provide you with all the information you need, including Scentsy items and training details.
  • Make your payment after selecting your starter kit.
  • Create your Consultant ID and password after completing the enrollment process.

Scentsy Workstation Login Requirements:

The List of requirement are given below that are need order to login into scentsy workstation are:-

  • Consultants entering the system must have their Consultant ID and Password ready.
  • Consultants are required to have the most recent version of their browser installed on their devices.
  • A reliable internet connection from a reputable ISP is a need for consultants.
  • The Workstation login page’s exact URL must be known to consultants.

Process For Scentsy Workstation Login


Please follow the below steps to access your Consultant account.

  • Go to, the official Scentsy website.
  • Scroll down the page to the footer and click the “Consultant login” option.
  • You will see a login screen on the following page.
  • Your Consultant ID and password should be entered in the corresponding boxes.
  • To access your account, click the Login button.

How To Reset Scentsy Dashboard Login Password?

In order to promptly reset the password, kindly take the following actions:

  • To access your Scentsy account login, go to
  • Kindly choose and click on the “I forgot my password” option.
  • The page to reset your password will open.
  • You must enter your registered email address on this page.
  • Once you have read it, kindly click “continue.”
  • The directions shown on the screen must now be followed.

Scentsy Workstation Dashboard

The primary hub designed exclusively for Scentsy consultants is the Scentsy Workstation Dashboard. Consultants have the ability to order, handle accounts, administer their Scentsy business, and oversee the range of products they wish to offer.

You manage your Scentsy business from your office, which is your Scentsy Dashboard. It functions similarly to a virtual office. You have the option to give your workstation a unique name. Name will be the first thing in your URL.

Key features Of Workstation Scentsy

The menu items listed below are shown on your main dashboard page. 

  • Dashboard: This is your Workstation account’s home page.
  • Orders: To see your most popular orders, order history, open orders, Scentsy club, and a link to your order dashboard page, click the orders link. Additionally, you can place a party order or an individual order.
  • Reports: Consultants have access to their performance, team details, sales report, all reports, downline rollup report, and commission history through the reporting option. A leadership report and a downline report can also be made.
  • News: Consultants can view product communications, event details, announcements, training materials, corporate policies, and guidelines in the news section. To gain insight into how to launch their own company, all consultants are required to review all of the training materials and resources.
  • Marketing: Check out the information on Scentsy clubs, logos, join and recruit programs, party and host details, scent and warmer of the month, catalogs and brochures, and limited-time deals in the marketing section.
  • Contacts: This area of your customers contains all of their contact information. You can inform every client by email about the most recent summer or winter collection.
  • Consultant Store: Here, you can highlight the goods you wish to sell or give priority to, and you will be able to see your own, customized store. Additionally, you can check out the Vistaprint-powered Scentsy ProShop.

How To Download The Official Scentsy Workstation App?

To download the the official mobile app of Scentsy Workstation follow the given below link are:-

Is The Website Safe?

Yes, workstation scentsy website is safe to use. Many users frequently believe that utilizing the gateway might compromise their privacy and that the website isn’t safe. But that is untrue. You are aware of how to log in, and you have your consultant ID and password. If you have those, you can safely log into the website.

Contact information

  • Contact Scentsy Workstation Team: 1-866-723-3689
  • Official Scentsy Workstation Website:


A great platform for managing your Scentsy business is Scentsy Workstation. The gateway makes sure that every aspect of your company’s operations operate together flawlessly. You may check your order and manage your funds, among other tiny details, with the aid of the portal’s capabilities.You need to be clear about the Scentsy Consultant after reading the text.Please use the comment area to share any questions you may have or to express any doubts or confusion you may have. I’ll make time to respond to your message.

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