EducationBlooket Join: Know How to Join and Play this Game with Fun

Blooket Join: Know How to Join and Play this Game with Fun

You may find many useful teaching materials on Blooket Login to implement in your classroom. You can use this platform to make your vocabulary lists, trivia games, quests, and quizzes to utilize in the classroom.

Educational games play a vital role even outside your schools and classrooms. Blooket game is one of the most popular educational games that allows students to play and test their understanding of a particular topic. In this article, we are going to demonstrate a way to blooket join game. We will take you to its guide that will cover its joining, login, registration, role of join codes, and much more.

Know About Blooket

Blooket is a free, cloud-based educational gaming platform where teachers and students can meet, and play games where teachers have the authority to assign educational games to the students, and students have to play those games.

However, this game is already popular among millions of students and teachers, this platform was founded in 2018, and the mind behind the development of this app was to improve the education system, and make the educational interesting not boring.

Read About Blooket Dashboard

Blooket joining the dashboard is the first thing which you will see after visiting the website. Players who want to join and start their game can scroll it in order to avail advanced games. The game usually motivates students by offering them a chance to test their skills.

You will come across sign up, sign in, process after visiting the platform. There are multiple direct buttons which redirects you to a new platform where you can create your own game sets.

Steps To Do Blooket Sign Up

Blooket sign up

In order to play this game, users are required to create a Blooket account and join the game. Hence, here is a quick tutorial that can help you to do the Blooket Sign up.

  1. Visit on its official website and click on the login button.
  2. click on the blooket sign up button to proceed ahead to create an account.
  3. Fill out the required details in the asked boxes and verify your details and accounts with the help of email that you will receive on your email id. 
  4. Press on the sign up button, your account will be created and you can save your login credentials for future aspects.
  5. When you are done with the signup process you can login yourself into the portal, that will allow the teacher to create a session and students to join the session.

Guide To Blooket Login

Blooket login

Once you’ve successfully created an account on this dashboard, you need to login to this gaming platform. In this process, you will need the credentials saved at the time of registration. Here is how you can blooket login:

  1. Go to your preferred web browser
  2. Visit the official link
  3. After clicking on the login button, you will moved on login page.
  4. Here put your previously created username/email id and password.
  5. click on lets go button.
  6. Once you’re logged in, you can scroll this amazing game play.

NOTE: It is advisable to keep your credentials safe and secured for further usage of blooket game.

Steps To Create And Host Blooket .Com Games

Teachers can follow these steps to create and host a blooket .com game that we have mentioned below: 

  1. The teachers need to navigate through the dashboard of its official website where they will find an option to create an account. 
  2. Also, they will get a few pre-made questions that you can choose from the dashboard or can customize their own one with photos, documents and videos. 
  3. Then, they have to select a preferred game mode for your students, that will help them to recognize how it will end the round and the  number of points that can be earned in a single round of a day. 
  4. Additionally, they can create a unique link for each game to assign a particular game as homework and track the progress and then share the link and unique pin with the students to access the game through blooket.

Know The Process Of Blooket Join Game

blooket join with game id

Blooket join game is a process by which teachers and students can join game sessions. 

  1. At the first step, you will visit the official platform where signup and registration are required.
  2. Visit the official website on your web browser, then you will see multiple options.
  3. Click on “Join a Game” button at the top panel on the website.
  4. Enter your game ID.
  5. If you enter an incorrect game id, the portal will reflect not a valid game id.
  6. Here, you can try out different methods.
  7. Click on start button, and there will be a signup form.
  8. Create your account and then login.

Blooket Join With Codes

As soon as you complete the signup and login process, you will need a guide that can lead you to a tutorial of the game. Below mentioned is a short guide that can help you to play games:

  1. Get Your Join Code

At first, this dashboard will ask you to enter your blooket join code. This code will be provided by you through your game hosts. This is usually a combination of numbers and letters, and is unique to each game.

  1. Visit the official website

Open your preferred web browser and search for official website 

  1. Click on ‘Enter Game Pin’

After visiting the dashboard on official site there is a blue button with text ‘Enter game PIN.’ In order to start your game, click on this button.

  1. Enter your Blooket Join Code

Once you click on the button, now you will see a new page where you have to enter code.

  1. Enter Your Name

After entering your game code, it will ask you to create your name which is going to reflect on the leadership board. Through this name, you will be known during the matches. 

  1. Join the Game

That’s it! You have successfully joined the Blooket game. Now you can enjoy the fun, interactive learning experience.

Once you are done with blooket code join, you will be redirected to the lobby which will introduce you to the questionnaire. In this way, you can play blooket game efficiently.

Blooket Join Without Codes

If you want to play a blooket game without any game code, it can be done by personalizing your own game set. To do this, you will require signing up and login on the website and click on ‘create game’ on the dashboard. Then, you can choose from a wide range of gaming modes such as blook, tower defense, or snake, and customize them with your own questions. The other way to join a blooket game is through joining links. You can try out playing with a link when the game host sends you.

How To Play Games On Blooket .Com?

Playing blooket .com game is an efficient process that helps students to play and get a check on their learning skills and lessons. Here’s how you can learn to play.blooket .com the games:

  1. Join a Game with Blooket join code or Create a Session if you’re a teacher.
  2. Once you’re done with basic formalities, you will be entering the game.
  3. After entering into the game lobby, you can start your gaming session.
  4. The format of the game may vary as every session has its own questions related to different subjects.
  5. Now that you have completed your session after answering all questions, keep patience and wait for the result.
  6. Once the result is out, you can analyze your performance.

NOTE: If you’re a student and want to join a Blooket game session, you will receive a game code to enter in the game lobby. The complete process of joining a game is discussed below.

How Does Blooket Game Work?

It’s an educational gaming tool which is designed for collaborative team work and an efficient experience of learning in a fun way. Signing up for a Blooket account requires only a teacher’s email address. Teachers can provide students with a ticket to join at their convenience, and games can be created instantly with either pre-made or completely original questions.

  1. Select a Game Set: Whether you’ve created your own game set or you want to join somebody else’s session, all you can do is to choose a particular question set by visiting the platform.
  2. Choose a Game mode: There are various gaming modes available to experience and every game has its own mode, you can choose the one as per your choice and interest.
  3. Join & Host: A student can join the session with the help of codes and a teacher can create a new session as per subject requirement and become host of it.
  4. Play to review: Students can review their intake of knowledge delivered in the classroom while playing this game.
  5. Analyze the performance: With the detailed performance and question analysis, students can get a deep report of their understanding towards a subject.

Know More About Blooket Game Pin

Players can play the game with the help of given active codes, Also known as blooket game pins. Here are some active blooket/play code that give free access to experience games.

  1. 2958254
  2. 5124264
  3. 325202
  4. 843129
  5. 8936019
  6. 860159
  7. 9028310
  8. 283536
  9. 389738
  10. 985227
  11. 899054
  12. 466877
  13. 355555
  14. 584165

Blooket For Teachers

Teachers can review Blooket’s features such as game options, user accounts and permissions, student feedback tools, customizable scores, security settings, and more to decide if it’s the right fit for their online educational platform.

  1. Blooket is an interactive audience response tool designed to engage students and make the review game fun. 
  2. Being limited to multiple-choice questions, this platform offers teachers a great way to conduct formative assessments.
  3. Consecutively, it offers learning features including personalized rewards, customized question sets, and game leaderboards for keeping your class updated and participating.
  4. Teachers can set points for correct answers and level up their classes by creating challenges that add extra drama to any learning situation – all while giving students plenty of opportunities for question-and-answer sessions with their peers in real-time. 
  5. Conveniently, whether you’re trying to reinforce concepts from class or make traditional lesson reviews more exciting, no other solution can compare to the functionality offered by Blooket!

Blooket For Students

Students can create their own student accounts to play Blooket games, and earn points by participating in challenges. 

  1. Students can participate in games on blooket and score points. To earn points, players must answer questions correctly as well as discover new ways to learn to maximize their Look rewards.
  2. By answering questions within the game and completing tasks correctly, students are rewarded with virtual items. 
  3. As well as being able to use the looks earned to buy or trade other items, they can be used as currency in the game or redeemed into real cash rewards! Additionally, when players complete challenges together they receive bonus rewards and correct answers will also increase their grade.
  4. All of these incentives promote continuous learning that encourage users to keep playing and earn more points – creating an engaging educational experience overall.

Types Of Blooket Games

Blooket also offers various game sets, which are collections of questions on a specific topic. For example, there are game sets for math, science, social studies, language arts, and more. Here are all the types of play.Blooket .com games:

  • Tower Defense: Participants will have the opportunity to construct towers to protect their base against the oncoming enemy waves. It gives chance to earn points by killing the enemies and on this basis, they get more score.
  • Racing: Players will try to beat each other in answering questions in correct way so that users can play it wisely.
  • Gold Quest: In this game, gamers will collect gold coins by providing correct answers. The more coins they will collect, the more they will have in their account.
  • Crazy kingdom: It’s an online multiplayer video game where players can build a kingdom by answering questions correctly.
  • Tower Of Doom: In this game, players will work together to destroy a huge tower.

Benefits Of Blooket Play

The e-learning platform offers multiple features and there are several benefits associated with Blooket/Play. Below stated are some of the top benefits and advantages offered by blooket.

  1. Enhances Engagement and Knowledge: Students can learn about multiple subjects through a simple navigated platform. In order to enrich engagement, it offers rewards and points which make it attractive.
  2. Build Interactive Learning: The game creates an interactive learning process with a broad way of learning. Teachers have an opportunity to engage students for a quick learning process and they can check the outcome that is gained by students.
  3. Convenience and Efficient Process: The game is designed on a simple interface that can be followed by users just with a web browser and an internet connection.

Drawbacks Of Blooket Play

Although Blooket/play is an interactive educational game with advanced benefits, there are some drawbacks that are associated with its usage:

  1. Being a tool where multiple subjects are covered, there are few subjects which are specialized and not available on
  2. It requires a strong internet connection to complete the game that may not be comprehensive.
  3. Additionally, it’s a competitive multiplayer game where some students might distract from the right track and build a competitiveness irrespective of testing their knowledge.

How To Invite Your Friends To Blooket Join Game?

One of the main attractive feature of this game is to invite the friends through blooket join game. Here is how you can send invitation to your friends:

  1. Visit the dashboard and click on the Connect tab.
  2. This button can be found on the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the invite button through this bar.
  4. You will be redirected to a page where you have to enter the email address of your friends.
  5. Once you have joined their email address and click on send button.
  6. The platform will automatically send an invitation to your friend.
  7. Now, your friends will receive an invitation on their email account.

Is Blooket Join Free Or Paid?

Blooket join game is available at free of cost plan where advanced features and benefits can be experienced. Moreover, this includes access to create and play games effectively. On the other hand, there is a paid subscription as well where you can enter the special library of games, get some special coupon codes, and support members. After the free plan, this paid plan charges $2.99 per month which is $35.88 annually. 

FeaturesFreePremium Plus Plan
Unique Game ModesYesYes
Question Set SearchYesYes
Student Bonus TokensNoYes
Copy & Duplicate SetsNoYes
Players Up to60300
Question Set FoldersNoYes


Blooket is a platform where students can enjoy and learn together. The different set of games helps the students to learn different aspects of it and have fun too. Teachers can use it on their students to motivate them to face the game challenges to make their performance better and bring additional skills. However, the aim of it, is to establish an innovative way of learning in schools. Therefore, if you are willing to search for a platform to learn in an interesting way then you must go for it and stay tuned with them for more updates that spice it up.

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FAQs on Blooket:

What is booklet join game?

It is an e-learning platform that is based to teach and entertain users at the same time.

Do I need a blooket login code to play?

Yes, there is an Blooket login code that needs to be entered on this platform.

Are there any blooket game pin required to start your game?

Yes, when the game host is creating any set they will provide you a blooket game pin

Is this platform play free?

Yes, it is free for users to start your game

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