TechnologyTAFCOP: Link Your Mobile Number To Aadhar Card

TAFCOP: Link Your Mobile Number To Aadhar Card

TAFCOP is an online portal introduced by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India. Its purpose is to enable consumers to monitor and manage the mobile connections registered under their name. It is an acronym for “Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection.”

The Indian government has established the Digital Intelligence Unit as a central authority responsible for addressing telecom-related fraud. It collaborates closely with various financial institutions and communication providers.

In this blog post, we will provide insights into TAF COP, elucidate its significance, and guide you on how to effectively utilize it via the portal.


Established ByIndian Government
Officially Launched ByTelecommunications Department
Designed ForIndian Mobile Users
PurposeVerification of Mobile Numbers linked to your Aadhar
User BaseCitizens of India
Registration on  PortalUnavailable

TAFCOP Portal: An Overview

TAFCOP Portal is an online portal that harnesses telecom analytics to identify and prevent fraud while safeguarding consumer interests. It empowers consumers to verify the number of mobile connections registered under their name. Later, takes appropriate actions if any excess or unauthorized connections are detected. Additionally, it delivers SMS alerts to consumers who possess more than nine mobile connections in accordance with the prevailing guidelines set by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

TAF COP Portal Objective:

The TAF COP portal helps users identify and manage their mobile connections. Especially extra ones, as service companies primarily handle Customer Acquisition Forms (CAFs).

The Indian government officially launched the TAFCOP DG Telecom Portal for Telecom Analytics, Fraud Management, and Consumer Protection. It offers a convenient way to check the amount of SIM cards registered under a user’s name from the convenience of one’s home.

Benefits Of The TAF COP Consumer Portal:

  • Subscribers with more than nine connections registered under their names will receive SMS reminders.
  • To view the status and obtain the Ticket ID reference number, you need to provide your cell phone number during the login process at TAF COP consumer portal.
  • By clicking on the offered link, such subscribers may quickly complete the necessary actions.
  • Simply select the ‘Click here to log in with your number’ option to see the status.
  • Please input the ‘Ticket ID Reference Number’ within the ‘Request Status’ field.

Check Online Connections Listed On The TAFCOP.DGTelecom.Gov In Portal:

To verify any mobile number on the in Portal, new users should follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of TAFCOP consumer portal at Sanchar Portal:
  • Scroll down on the homepage.
  • Locate the option “Know Your Mobile Connections.”
  • Click on “Know Your Mobile Connections” to determine the number of connections associated with your mobile number.
  • You will be sent to the following website after clicking the “Know Your Mobile Connections” button: Enter the Number, Captcha code, email and OTP.
  • When you have finished providing all the necessary information, click the login button to proceed.
  • Upon successful verification, your registered online connections will be displayed on the screen at in Portal.

TAFCOP Portal Aadhar Card: Detect Your Phone’s Aadhaar Connection:

  • You can visit the official website at
  • Enter the phone number, Aadhaar number, and security code.
  • Then select “Send OTP.”
  • You will get an OTP if your phone number is connected to your Aadhaar. To verify your mobile phone number, input the OTP.
  • You will be informed that “Your mobile number is not enrolled in our records”. If your mobile number is not connected to your Aadhaar.

Link Mobile Number With Aadhaar:

To link your mobile number with your Aadhaar, follow the steps below:

  • The Aadhaar update/correction form is available for download from the UIDAI website. It might be picked up at the nearby Aadhaar location.
  • Fill out the form completely, attach a copy of your Aadhaar card. Then provide a picture ID such a PAN card, passport, voter ID, or anything like.
  • At the Aadhaar Center, hand in the completed form for verification of your biometrics and personal data.
  • You will receive an acknowledgment slip, and your mobile number will be linked to Aadhaar within a few days.
  • You can also go to the store of your telecom service provider, present your Aadhaar card and cellphone number. Now, go through biometric verification there. You will be given an OTP after successful verification, which you may use to finish the verification process.

How To Report Your Number From TAFCOP Portal?  

TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection), a portal launched by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India to help consumers to report your numbers from taf cop site. 

Here are the quick process you should know:

After you identify all the numbers, checklist the boxes present at the side of each number. There are three boxes – This is not my number, Required, Not Required.

  1. Choose “This is not my number”– if it’s not yours and “Not Required”– if it’s of no more use and then click on the Report button.
  2. A Reference ID will be created for further use and the ticket will be submitted in the Department of Communication, which will either block or deactivate the number.
  3. Before reporting, you should keep in mind that a corporate number is associated with corporate connections that can result in a lengthy list of connections in company ID.

Significance Of TAFCOP Consumer Portal

It holds great importance as it serves as a safeguard for consumers against falling victim to fraud or the misuse of their identity in the realm of mobile connections. Numerous common fraud scenarios that TAFCOP consumer portal helps mitigate include:

  • SIM Swap Fraud : This occurs when an individual acquires a duplicate SIM card for your mobile number. Also exploits it to gain access to your bank accounts, OTPs, or other sensitive information.
  • Call Forwarding Fraud : It plays a crucial role in detecting and preventing the unauthorized redirection of your incoming calls to another number. All without your awareness, and subsequently charging you for these actions.
  • International Roaming Fraud : The portal is instrumental in identifying instances where someone activates international roaming on your number. Potentially resulting in costly calls or data usage abroad without your consent.
  • Fake KYC Fraud : It also assists in recognizing situations where someone illicitly utilizes your identity documents. In order to procure a mobile connection in your name, subsequently deploying it for unlawful activities.

Verify New Mobile Subscribers Using TAFCOP DGTelecom Gov In:

  • Ensure the accurate completion of the CAF form. Include a photograph, proof of address (POA), and proof of identity (POI) when submitting it at the SIM sales center.
  • Obtain acknowledgment, including CAF number, mobile number, POI, POA, date of issue, and the customer’s name. This should be signed and stamped by the Point of Sale (POS) representative.
  • At the SIM sales center, the designated personnel will cross-check the submitted original identity. Also, address proof documents with the customer’s photo on the form.
  • The network employee responsible for issuing licenses will update all customer details in the database. There are features that will confirm the successful verification and storage of documents. Subsequently, the new SIM card will be activated by the TAFCOP dgtelecom gov in.
  • During the SIM card sale, the POS worker must verify the customer’s signature. On the other hand, it records the sale date and commissioning information in the database.
  • After the mobile number activation, initiate the tele-verification process by contacting customer care for address and identity confirmation.
  • Please be informed that selling a SIM card that has already been activated will result in the termination of the SIM and a Rs 50,000 punishment.
  • Follow the recommended procedures for switching between Prepaid and Postpaid subscriptions as well as Postpaid and Prepaid subscriptions.
  • Maintain utmost accuracy in completing the CAF Form, as any errors will not be the responsibility of the network provider. POS workers must verify that all information aligns with the provided documents and is truthful and correct.


TAFCOP, the Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection portal, introduced by the Indian government. The tool is a crucial creation for safeguarding consumers in the mobile connection landscape. It empowers users to monitor and manage their registered connections, helping prevent fraud and misuse. It addresses various fraud scenarios, offering a comprehensive solution to protect consumers. By following the provided instructions and adhering to guidelines, consumers can ensure the safety. Also, accuracy of their mobile connections, making it significance paramount in today’s digital age.

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Is TAF.COP an official government website?

Yes, the Portal, accessible at portal, has been established by the Government of India. Its primary purpose is to assist customers in quickly determining the number of mobile connections registered under their name. By taking necessary actions to rectify any additional mobile connections.

How can I verify my taf cop portal gov in status?

To verify the status of your request on the official TAFCOP Dg Telecom Gov In Portal, please log in with your mobile number. Now, enter the “Ticket ID Ref No” in the “Request Status” section.

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