TechIs Stage Manager Not Working? Here are the Fixes

Is Stage Manager Not Working? Here are the Fixes

Apple has serenaded Mac users by introducing a bunch of remarkable and useful features. Stage Manager is one of the newest features to be added to the list. It was introduced in macOS Ventura. Although the feature is still under development, it is expected to function better with future macOS releases. 

The Stage Manager feature helps users focus on the tasks at hand by neatly organizing their windows. Unfortunately, there might be instances when this feature ditches you and stops working. There can be plenty of reasons for the feature not working, and you will find some of them, along with possible fixes, as you keep scrolling. 

A Handy Guide to Using Stage Manager 

So, wondering how to use Stage Manager Mac? This is normal because it is a new feature. Let us start by showing you how to activate this feature. 

The feature can be activated and disabled using a switch in the Control Center. With the feature turned on, all the active applications and windows will be displayed in the screen’s center. And the apps that are open but not active will appear as thumbnails and stack up on the side. 

The Thumbnails are arranged according to their recent use, and up to six thumbnails are displayed, depending on your desktop’s size. You can even see a live view of the windows in the thumbnails. Hence, you will be able to see all the incoming messages and updates without switching windows. 

Here are some tips for using Stage Manager:

Actions How to achieve the action?
Switch between windows Click the preferred thumbnail 
Access folders and files on the desktop Click the desktop 
Create group of windows in the center Drag a thumbnail onto the window in the center. Alternatively, click on the thumbnail while pressing the Shift key. 
Remove a window from the group Drag the window to the thumbnail’s pane
Dragging an item to a different window Hold the item you need to drag until its window moves to the center and then drop it into the window 
Sending windows sideways without switching Press Command + M
Hide the windows and thumbnail of an application Press Command + H
Wanting to see an application but cannot because it hasn’t been used recently or is hidden Switch to the app or window by pressing Command + Tab. 

Why is Stage Manager not Working on Your Mac?

Stage Manager may not work due to incorrect settings or bugs in the current macOS version. Other than that, the scenario that leads you to believe Stage Manager isn’t working may be a feature absent from the current release.

Stage Manager issues and their Quick Fixes

Issues Fixes
Software incompatibility The Stage Manager is a new feature introduced in macOS Ventura, and the MacBook models compatible with this feature are MacBook Pro (2017 and later), MacBook Air (2018 and later), iMac Pro (2017 and later), etc. Hence, if your computer is not among the compatible models and has not upgraded to macOS Ventura and later, you cannot use Stage Manager. The feature will not work on your computer. 
It has grayed out and cannot be turned on The easiest solution to this problem is going to Mission Control and ensuring the Displays Have Separate Spaces option is activated. 
Not showing all of the windows Check whether you have hidden any of the windows. If you have, move your cursor to the screen’s left edge, and the hidden window will be revealed. 
Not working with a specific application Apple is still working on this new feature, and it is expected to work flawlessly after a few tweaks and updates. As such, some of the older applications are not compatible with Stage Manager. You can try updating the application and see whether it is working. 
Using too much system memory As mentioned, this new feature is under development. Apple is working relentlessly to improve the performance of this feature in future macOS releases. If you have upgraded to the latest macOS Sonoma, the Stage Manager feature might be slightly better than what it is in macOS Ventura and may also consume less memory. 
Not working with an external display At present, this feature is only compatible with Mac’s in-built display. 

P.S. No matter why Stage Manager isn’t working on your Mac, one of the first fixes to try is restarting your Mac. Then, check whether the feature is turned on in Mission and ensure you have updated your macOS software. 

If Stage Manager is still not working, boot your system in Safe mode. Or contact the service center for more solutions. 

So, that’s pretty much it! Hopefully, the Stage Manager feature has started to work again with the help of these troubleshooting tips and tricks. 

Have you encountered Stage Manager problems on your Mac? Share your experience below. 

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