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How To Prank Through Kekem Website

There are multiple scam and fraudulent sites that are always circulating on the internet. Users from any part of the world like the Philippines, France, Germany, and the United States will never know when it will trigger them in harmful ways. It’s fun to troll anyone if the jokes aren’t too extreme. Since many people are searching for Kekem out of curiosity, they need to read this article before jumping into the fire pit. This site is not suitable for children and there are several reasons listed for this. Read the article on Kekem thoroughly!

What is Kekm prank?

Kekma.net Prank is an amazing online website that displays NSFL data on the internet and disseminates such content globally. This has been practiced in infiltration attacks on various subreddits and Discord networks. This includes adult and dark humor, no matter who is visiting the site. It was created by Obok the Second on April 23, 2019.

Types Of Content On Kekm Prank Website

Upon accessing the online site, it displays a sign stating that it “contains vague, adult humor” and questions if the user wishes to continue. The user is brought to the main page showing GIF-based NSFL images by following the link provided online. NSFL data on Kekem includes:

  1. A flashing background GIF related to a gruesome picture of an animal being tortured in a non-humane manner.
  2. The main video and serious image of a person covered in blood is not suitable for any user to view.

The online website consists of a rapidly blinking NSFL image followed by high-pitched individual screams. The main web page is fullscreen content and provides a verification pop up when the user wants to leave the pages, thereby reducing exits.

What do users think of rickrolling?

Rickrolling is famous for an extended period of time, and the web breathes in it. It is a means of trolling others or joking with them which is not harmful at all. In Rickroll, the user clicks on the link and shows some random images.

Are such platforms safe to visit?

This website is not at all secured to search and find NSFL topics. This may trigger a user who is sensitive to such content without knowing what the site contains. The Internet is built on that way of harmlessly trolling, i.e., “rickrolling.” The prank has reached extreme levels where users look for such reviews and Reddit threads to see if they are worth visiting the Kekem website or not. It is not legitimate and can steal user’s data. The site’s content trended in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions this year. This leads more users to click on the site to view the images. Don’t be too curious about the link as the representation is dangerous and delays the exit process.


The prank troll has been on the website for a long time, and due to user curiosity, can be as harmful as Kekem Rickroll. Sensitive users and anyone else are advised not to click on the “Do not enter the website” link.

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