HealthHow Much Does an Alcohol Detox Center Cost?

How Much Does an Alcohol Detox Center Cost?

If you are looking for an effective way to come out of drug addiction, then joining a drug detox center is the best option for you. There, you can get a quick relief from the drug addiction through the detox process and the various therapies that follow. But you might also have heard that the inpatient detox treatment is quite an expensive process. True, it does cost you quite a lot of money, but this is because of the quality of the treatments you get at the centers. Other factors lie the length of stay during the inpatient program, the facility’s location, and amenities all have a say in the cost of treatment.

Detox is a Costly Process

Detox treatment at any center comes at different costs. The major price difference lies in the type of program you choose to join. If you were recommended an outpatient detox by your physician, you will be spending between $250 to $800 per day. This is relatively low when compared to the inpatient programs which can cost between $3,000 to $80,000 per month. The difference is mainly because the inpatient program includes the accommodation, food, and other expenses, while the outpatient program does not. Also, the variation in range for both these programs is due to the varying levels of treatment costs and amenities provided by the centers.

Insurance Covers a Huge Chunk

If you are recommended for an inpatient drug addiction detox program, then we suggest you join the program with your insurance. A lot of detox centers have partnered with leading insurance providers like Aetna, Ambetter, Cigna, United Healthcare, AmeriHealth, and more for covering the detox treatment costs for the patients. You can check up with your insurance provider if your plan will cover the treatment costs. Or, you can even contact your nearest detox center and check up with them too. Your insurance can cover up your treatment costs saving you a lot of money.

Check Up With Your Employer Insurance & Medical Plans

If you are employed in a corporate company, then it is time you check up the medical assistance plans and insurance cover the company provides you. A lot of companies assist their employees to get through drug de-addiction programs as a part of improving employee satisfaction and thereby their productivity. You can tap up that advantage and use it to join Drug Detox Austin Tx.

Don’t Let The Cost Stand In Your Way

If you are still skeptical about joining detox due to its high costs, then consider this. The average cost of drug detox in the US stands at $1500 per person per year, while the average cost of being addicted to drugs can cost every person up to $12,000 per year. Clearly, detox treatment is a one time investment you do on yourself. Once you go through the process you can save up a lot of money which you will be otherwise spending on drugs. The detox centers are always open to provide you with any kind of urgent care you might need. Call them up and get free of drugs.

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