AutoHero Connect App: Know About All Guidelines

Hero Connect App: Know About All Guidelines

The biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in India, Heromoto Corp., unveiled “Hero Connect”. The Search Hero Connect device offers a number of security and safety functions, including Topple Notifications, Geo-Fence Alert, Live Tracking, Speed Alerting, and Tow Away Alert.  Hero Connect APK is the name of the most latest version of the Hero Connects Android app. The developer of the software is Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

The car has an integrated SIM and telematics hardware.  Hero Motocorp includes this connectivity feature with a number of their bikes and mopeds. The function, which is positioned prominently in the bike’s instrument cluster, can be accessed using an Android or iOS mobile app. This feature allows passengers to get all the ride details on their smartphones. The initial cost for the connectivity feature is currently Rs 4,999.

The Benefits Of Hero Connect


In the event that your automobile flips over, the app notifies you and your emergency contacts by sending an SMS to your registered telephone number.

Report on Driving

Trip analysis: Assists in examining details for all of your most recent outings, such as mileage, amount of time spent, and route taken.

Driving Score: This score is based on a variety of driving behaviors and offers feedback on your bike-driving abilities.

Speed Alert: Notifies you whenever your car exceeds the speed limit you’ve selected via your mobile device.

Vehicle Security

When the car flips, SMS messages are delivered to the linked mobile phone, and the Hero Connect app is notified. It sends a speed alarm when the prescribed speed limit is exceeded. An established app notification exists. It has the ability to track a car in real-time and show its route. It issues a warning tow-away. There is evidence of unauthorized vehicle movement. The entered mobile number receives SMS and APP notifications.

There is a Geofence alert option. The app sends an alert when the automobile leaves from one spot and gets to the destination.  Hero Connects is the next stage of networking with an emphasis on safety and security. The first motorcycle that enables customers to connect their cell phones is this one. This bike’s riders have access to cloud-based riding through Hero Connect.

Hero Connect setup

Although utilizing an app to connect to the console is quite simple, the detailed setup calls for the following simple steps: Your smartphone should have the Hero Connect app installed.

  •  After finishing the first step, you must start the app and grant it all the permissions it wants. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, the model name of the vehicle will show up on the screen.
  • (Hero Xpluse, Hero Destiny)The Bluetooth search function of the app will start looking for your bike when you select a car. The engine kill switch, instrument cluster, and mode button on the instrument cluster must all be turned on.
  • After pressing the button, the bike will start to show up in the app, and a screen with a Bluetooth connectivity option will emerge. Once you’ve chosen your bike, the app is going to send you a message asking you to pair it. 
  • Additionally, it will ask for the PIN, which can be either a letter or a number and is shown on the instrument cluster screen.
  • After clicking the connect button, the app’s dashboard or home screen will be displayed.To start turn-by-turn navigation,
  • Select the navigation option on the instrument cluster.

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