Business14 Must-Try Pizza Toppings to Spice Up Your Slice

14 Must-Try Pizza Toppings to Spice Up Your Slice

Are you planning a pizza night and need ideas? Yes, almost anything can be put on a pizza. But what makes the best pies that everyone will love and can’t stop eating? Here are some famous pizza toppings that always make pizza taste great.

1. Bacon

There’s no doubt that bacon goes well with pizza because it goes with everything. A few crumbled bacon pieces give this fresh spring recipe a salty, meaty taste. You will also see pies with pancetta on top, which is like bacon but from Italy.

2. Black Olives

Either you love olives, or you hate them. But even if you don’t like olives, you might like the salty bite that black olives give to a nicely topped pizza. Or, no matter what, you could also just pick them off.

3. Chicken

The best-winning meal for weeknights also tastes great on pizza. People often order pizza with this meal, like BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, and chicken bacon ranch.

4. Extra Cheese

Extra cheese makes for the best cheese-pull picture, and who doesn’t love it? It seems like there is a lot of disagreement about how much cheese comes with an “extra cheese” order, so you might want to ask your local pizza place.

5. Fresh Basil

A few fresh basil leaves will make your pizza taste great no matter what else is on top of it. This easy pizza would be great as a summer barbecue starter or a dinner with a salad.

6. Ham

People often put ham on Hawaiian pizzas with pineapple, but it can also be tasty with other toppings. As a fancy touch, try prosciutto, which is Italian ham.

7. Mushrooms

Some people don’t like this earthy kitchen filling, but most agree that it goes well on pizza. This breakfast recipe is a great reason to try eggs on pizza. Surely, you will love the familiar yet delectable taste.

8. Onions

Whether they crisp up in the oven or go on the pizza caramelized, onions are a popular topping that adds a little saltiness or sweetness, depending on how they’re prepared. Red onions are frequently served with barbecue chicken pizzas, whereas white and yellow onions are popular with supreme pizzas.

9. Pepperoni

It’s always been pepperoni that people in America love most on their pizza. Choosing pepperoni for your pizza topping is a standard and will always be a good choice.

10. Peppers

Peppers, whether green, red, yellow, or orange, give chewy, cheesy pizza a spicy note that it was missing.

11. Pesto

People love tomato-based sauces on pizza the most, but pesto can make any pizza feel lighter. Pesto tastes great on pizzas made with marinara or white sauce, even if you don’t put it on the whole thing. This pizza recipe is great for summer nights because it is quick and easy to make on the grill.

12. Pineapple

People can have very different opinions about whether or not pineapple should be on pizza, but people who love pineapple on pizza are loyal, so it stays on menus.

13. Sausage

Americans always like sausage on their pizza. Some like it mild, others like it hot, and people from the South like Conecuh. This pizza recipe is ideal to serve on cast iron, which gives you another reason to look for the best skillet.

14. Spinach

Putting spinach on your pizza is a tasty way to get some greens. Arugula is another green that is often found on pizza. This vegetable is put on top of the pizza immediately, while spinach is usually cooked with the pizza. Overall, the cooking process gives the pizza a fresh, spicy taste.

Taste Authentic and Delicious Pizza Recipes

No matter where you are, pizza will always be a favorite dish. So, if you want to dine with your loved ones and taste delicious meals, you can check out the best pizza in Parramatta. You can never go wrong with fresh, homemade, cooked pizzas that can be served with delectable cocktails and wine.

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