Technology10.0.01 WiFi connection : What You Need to Know

10.0.01 WiFi connection : What You Need to Know

In the bustling streets and public spaces of the Philippines, Piso 10.0.01WiFi networks have emerged as a ubiquitous presence. These networks provide net right of entry to customers for a charge, charged consistent with minute of utilization. Piso WiFi isn’t only convenient but also price-effective for those in search of short internet access whilst at the go. However, one of the standout features of Piso WiFi is the capability to pause your internet connection, providing users with brought control and flexibility. In this complete manual, we’ll discover the bits and bobs of the use of the Piso WiFi Pause Time feature that will help you make the maximum of this useful functionality.

Understanding Piso WiFi

Before diving into the info of pausing your Piso Wifi Pause , it is vital to recognize what Piso WiFi is and the way it works. Piso WiFi networks are customary in public places such as cafes, eating places, department stores, or even transportation hubs. These networks perform by way of charging users a small rate for every minute of internet utilization. The price is regularly quite affordable, making it an on hand option for individuals looking for a short on-line restoration.

The Piso WiFi Features

The Piso WiFi Pause Time characteristic is a valuable addition to these networks, presenting users numerous benefits:

1. Save Money: One of the number one advantages of pausing your Piso WiFi connection is the capacity to keep cash. Whether you’re on a good budget or sincerely need to limit your net expenses, pausing your connection at some stage in idle moments or quick breaks lets you control your fees effectively.

2. Take a Break: In an international world packed with constant connectivity, it’s important to take breaks from the digital world. Whether you are running, analyzing, or seeking to loosen up, pausing your internet connection permits you to keep away from distractions and maintain focus.

3. Parental Control: For dad and mom involved about their children’s on-line safety or trying to set display cut-off dates, the Pause Time characteristic is a treasured device. It lets in you to oversee and manage your children’s internet usage, ensuring they stay secure and balanced of their on-line sports.

Using the Piso WiFi Feature: Step by means of Step

Now, let’s stroll thru the stairs to successfully use the Piso WiFi Pause Time characteristic:

1. Access the Admin Panel:

  • Open a web browser on your device.
  • In the browser’s address bar, type “” and press Enter. 

2. Login to the Admin Panel:

You will need to go into the username and password for the admin panel. If you don’t know these credentials, contact the owner of the Piso WiFi community for assistance.

3. Locate “Pause Time” Option:

  • Once logged in, navigate through the admin panel to find the “Pause Time” choice. Typically, you can discover this feature within the “Account Management” or a comparable segment of the admin panel.

4. Pause Your Connection:

  •  Click on the “Pause Time” button.
  • You may be brought about to enter the quantity of time you need to pause your connection for. This may be specified in minutes or hours, relying on your wishes.

5. Confirm and Pause:

  •  After coming into the preferred pause duration, click on the “Pause” button.
  • Your net connection may be paused for the specified duration.

6. Resume Your Connection:

  • To resume your net connection, absolutely log lower back into the admin panel using the identical IP deal with (10.Zero.Zero.1) and your login credentials.
  • Look for the “Resume Time” button, normally located in the same segment as the “Pause Time” alternative.
  • Click on “Resume Time,” and your net connection could be reactivated.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you stumble upon any problems even as trying to pause your Piso WiFi connection, don’t forget the following troubleshooting hints:

1. Check Credentials: Ensure which you are coming into the best IP address (10.Zero.Zero.1) and the usage of the appropriate username and password for the router’s admin panel.

2. Restart Your Router: Sometimes, an easy router restart can solve connectivity troubles. Power cycle your router by means of unplugging it for some seconds and then plugging it lower back in.

3. Try Another Device: If the pause feature does not paint on your cutting-edge tool, attempt accessing the admin panel from a different tool to see if the difficulty persists.


The Piso WiFi function offers customers the ability to save money, take much-wished breaks from the internet, and ensure accountable internet utilization for kids. By following the step-through-step instructions outlined on this manual and retaining troubleshooting hints in mind, you could effectively control your Piso WiFi connection to fit your wishes. Embrace the ease and manage that this option provides, allowing you to make the maximum of your Piso WiFi experience in the Philippines.

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